Our commitments!

Speed, efficiency, peace of mind are our commitments. With LALUX, you can be sure to be well insured!

48h for a customised insurance package quote

Thanks to our online quote request tool, just fill in the form to get your quote, free of any commitment from your side. On the basis of the information you are submitting, we will send you a customized quote within 48h working hours. We are committed to meet this deadline, otherwise we offer you  the first monthly premium in case of a contract conclusion.

Advice, comprehensive care and scalability of your contract are guaranteed 

iCHANGE.lu guarantees you the establishment of a contract tailored specifically to your situation and budget. You also benefit from a total administrative takeover for the transfer of your former insurance policies to LALUX. Beside, we are committed to guarantee your insurance contract’s scalability depending on your marital, family or financial status thanks to a regular follow-up.

Commitments in the event of a claim

LALUX guarantees a 24h/day assistance with a swift response in the event of a claim. A person in charge is at your service to facilitate all steps to be taken. LALUX works exclusively with independent experts to give a  fair estimate of your claim and gives you free choice of the repairer, even abroad.

Let us convince you through a customised quote.


  • Quote guaranteed within 48h
  • Dedicated service
  • 24h/day assistance
  • Your peace of mind

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cta-avantages A flexible policy and a budget safe from surprises thanks to the monthly premiums and absence of deductibles. The Claims Service is brilliant! Raoul L (Emerange) Leave your own testimony