Benefits of your LALUX Insurance Package

Choose the all-in-one insurance combination “easy-PROTECT” of LALUX. You will reduce your insurance premiums and you can amend the insurance package to match the changing circumstances of your family’s situation whenever you want.

Practical benefits from the combination of your insurances

Combine the insurances of your vehicles with your home, accident and all-risks insurances (leisure, jewels, art collections, camera, sport equipment and so on) and get a full overview of an unreached transparency until now. Add your annual travel insurance to it as well as your Household’s Civil Liability Insurance for all the people living in your households. Take the easy option of simplicity by creating your own insurance package tailored to your needs.

Financial benefits from the combination of your insurances

Optimize your insurance premiums by combining your insurances. With the “easy-PROTECT” package from LALUX, you will benefit from a 10% welcome discount in the first year. For any combination, you  will also get €50 discount per year and per risk (home, car) within your insurance package. Benefit from a budget split over a 12 months period thanks to our monthly payment offer of your insurance premiums, at no additional cost. Hence, you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises thanks to a monthly insurance budget. Moreover, in your “easy-PROTECT” coverage, your CASCO insurance premium doesn’t rise after a claim without any committed third party. You also benefit from a discount of this premium depending on the age of your vehicle.

Enjoy our benefits & ask for a quote!


  • Optimized insurance premiums
  • -10% welcome discount
  • €50 discount per car/home
  • Monthly payment at no extra charge

I optimize my premiums!


cta-avantages 1 house, 3 cars, 1 motorbike and a difference of EUR 720 in the annual budget in a few clicks and 2 days. Not too bad 😉 Manu K. (Luxembourg-Ville)
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