Can I ask iCHANGE.lu for a quote to only change my car or home insurance contract?

YES, you can subscribe for a single risk,an insurance package is not a requirement. However, it provides you with many financial and organisational benefits.

Do I commit myself to anything by filling in the questionnaire?

NO, our quote is free and without commitment. Data being sent in a secured way are only used for the calculation of your customized quote, which we are committed to send to you by email within 48 working hours.

Do I lose my former insurance contract(s) benefits when I choose an insurance combination package offered by iCHANGE.lu?

NO, legal (bonus-penalty) or commercial (special rates) benefits are taken into account by iCHANGE.lu when concluding the contract.

Can I also integrate my children’s or partner’s car insurance contracts into my LALUX insurance package?

YES, you can integrate into your contract any individual living in the same household and then take advantage of accumulated benefits from your insurance combination

How do I cancel my contracts with my various insurers?

You have nothing to do! We are dealing with all administrative steps and transfers, until maturity, of your former insurance contracts to LALUX.

What happens in the event of a claim?

We guarantee a 24h/day assistance with a swift response. You are guided by a person in charge for all required steps. You will benefit from independent experts to estimate your claim. Furthermore you will have the free choice of the repairer.

How does my premium evolve if I sell my car?

You are free to adjust your insurance package at any time based on your marital, family or financial status. We take care of adding or withdrawing a risk from your insurance contract on simple request. In practice

What insurances can be included into my package?

Most of your insurance contracts can be included in your “easy-PROTECT » package of LALUX, such as:

  • Your vehicles: cars, motorbikes, scooters, quads, vintage cars (-50%), seasonal cars (-40%), caravans, etc.
  • Your real estate holdings: main dwelling, residence, apartment, weekend houses, housing investments, etc.
  • Your Household’s Civil Liability Insurance: insurance covering family, animals, legal protection, defence of your rights, accidental pollution, etc.
  • Your travel: cancellation, accidental loss of your personal items all over the world.
  • Personal accidents: private and professional life, sport, children, etc.

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  • Package transparency
  • Clarity of guarantees
  • Contract flexibility
  • Didactic approach

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